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PayPal is one of the many payment processing platforms that allow individuals and businesses to and fro of money. This platform is a one-stop destination for those users who are looking to receive payments from their buyers as well as those who want to make payments for their shopping on different platforms. The best thing about using it is PayPal Resolution Center.

At this resolution center, PayPal users can easily resolve their issues with the seller and sellers can resolve issues with the buyers. With one-time PayPal login, users can enjoy the best of PayPal services. Apart from this, you are also provided with easy navigation options so that using PayPal could be a seamless experience for you.

Therefore, in this post, we will try to explore some more things about using PayPal and enjoy the best of its services.

How to set up a PayPal account?

For quick PayPal Sign up, you can follow the easy steps for account creation that are listed below:

  1. First of all, go to the PayPal login in page
  2. On this page, you should click on the “Sign up” option at the top
  3. Then, choose from the two accounts- Individual or Business
  4. When you choose the preferred account type, click “Next”
  5. Fill in the requested details in the account creation form
  6. Click “Continue” and follow some more prompts to sign up

Let us learn some more details about PayPal login

After filling in the complete details on the PayPal sign up form and choosing the preferred options from the drop-down menu, you are all set to enjoy PayPal services. For this, all the users are requested to make a note of their PayPal sign in credentials or memorize these. These details would be required to access their PayPal account and use all the features available on its taskbar. If you remember your PayPal login details, then you may commence with the section given below:

Some easy steps to log in to PayPal

  • First of all, navigate to the login page
  • After that, click on the “Login” button at the top bar
  • On the login page of PayPal, type your email or mobile number
  • Click on the “Next” option to proceed further
  • Provide your account login password or received code
  • And, tap on the “Log In” button once again
  • For PayPal business account login, use the same steps

PayPal sign in in USA, Canada and UK via Mobile

If you are a resident of the USA, UK, or Canada, one thing you need to do to access your PayPal account is to follow the quick instructions given below:

  • For PayPal login via the mobile, get the PayPal app
  • After that, launch the app on your device
  • And, tap on the “Login” button given on the homepage
  • Provide your PayPal log in details in the given fields
  • Further, type the password associated with your account
  • And, finally, tap on the “Sign In” option once again

No matter which mobile phone or computer system you have with you. The complete process to log in to your PayPal account would be the same for all the users on all the devices.

How do you link your Bank account with PayPal?

Once you successfully access your PayPal login account using your login credentials, it is time now to link a payment option with it using which you can receive and send further payments:

  • From your browser, go to the PayPal login page and access your account
  • Now, click on the “Wallet” icon at the top of the page
  • If you are a mobile user, then you can choose “Wallet” from the menu
  • After that, you should click on the “Link a bank account” option
  • Choose your bank from the list and enter the requested details
  • Finally, tap on the “Agree and Link” button

Things you can carry out with a
PayPal account

After completing the pay pal login procedure, you can do much more with your account. Following are the things you can do:

  1. Quickly complete the PayPal credit login process
  2. Use the PayPal MasterCard login procedure
  3. Buy and sell goods if you are a Business account holder
  4. When you shop from an online store, you can easily make payments for it
  5. Sending and receiving money is made simpler

What if you can't login to PayPal account?

Oftentimes, users come across login issues with their PayPal account. For example, they are unable to complete the PayPal credit card login process:

  • You must clear the cookies and cache memory on your device
  • Use the “Contact Us” option to fix PayPal login problems and issues
  • To fix the PayPal prepaid login issues, please verify your credentials
  • Else, try to reset your PayPal MasterCard login password

How to reset the password of my PayPal account?

  • Go to the PayPal login portal from a browser
  • Tap on the “Having trouble logging in?” option
  • Enter the PayPal prepaid MasterCard login details
  • Click “Next” and choose the account recovery option
  • Follow some more prompts and set a new password

Using the same procedure, you can reset the PayPal credit and Debit card login password.


These were the complete details about PayPal login and some topics related to it. In case you are having trouble using PayPal or its services, then you should immediately contact PayPal and get in-depth details about your query.

Disclaimer: encompasses all the relevant information that is related to the paypal services. We hereby announce that all the authentic details are only for informational and training purposes. Hence, the use of an effective paypal logo, images, and trademark is only for providing references and it has no relationship with the official paypal login services. It is an advice to visit Paypal official website for the details on the Paypal products and services only. The visitors are responsible if they provide any information registered with their respective accounts.