Privacy Policy

The website has with Privacy Statement that explains the basics behind how we collect, retain, process, and transfer the personal data once you visit the websites or use the services. The privacy statement is available for the site and services. The privacy statement that is applied to your personal data does not apply to the Personal data when you visit the sites or services and it does not include the websites or services that are not genuine to father information about the Paypal users.

Understand that the privacy statement is intended to support the clients so they can acquire the data about the protection practices and cause you to comprehend that there are sure protection decisions when you are utilizing the destinations and services. Note that the contributions of the service may differ starting with one district then onto the next. We, subsequently, characterized all the terms that we client all through the security proclamation.

What personal data do we collect?

There is much personal information that is collected by us when the users visit the sites or avail of our services, this information includes:

  • Registration and utilization of the subtleties exchange and experience data
  • Send or solicitation cash.
  • Add incentive to your record.
  • Pay or solicitation somebody to cover the tab.
  • Information about companions and contacts.
  • Information about the client who profits the Paypal services.
  • Information you use to give and get extra services.
  • Relevant data about outsider sources.
  • Suitable data we gather is identified with the utilization of our destinations or services.

Why do we access your personal data?

We access your personal data in order to fulfill the legal or regulatory obligations for business purposes. We may retain the personal data for longer periods rather than in need to follow the law in the legitimate business interests and not prohibited by law.

How we use your personal data? 

We may deal with the data for huge numbers of the reasons, as referenced below:

  • To operate the sites and provide the services.
  • For managing the business needs.
  • For managing the risk and protect the sites, the services, and you from fraudulent activities.
  • In order to market you about the Paypal products and services.
  • Provide the personalized services offered on the third-party website on the services.
  • Just provide you the location-specific options and other offers.
  • To meet the obligations and other services.
  • Make it easier for you to find and connect to others.
  • To respond to the requests of the customers.  

How do we work with the data provided by you? 

The important advantage along with the creativity or the innovation of Pay Pal services is that you can connect the account with the third-party account or platform. For the purposes of the privacy statement, there is an account connection with the third part connection that is authorized and enables the users to connect the account with the third party that will exchange the personal data and other information directly. 

How to use cookies and tracking technologies? 

Once you visit the sites, just use the services or visit the third-party websites that are related to the for which we provide the online services that we and our business partners may use with other tracking technologies to recognize you are the user and customize the user’s experiences along with the services you use that effect the promotions and performance analytics along with mitigating risk a potential fraud and promote the trust and safety across the sites. You can review the statement on cookies and tracking technologies learn how we can access the information by using cookies.  

What Privacy Choices Are Available To You?

There are many choices you have when it comes to opting for privacy practices and communications in the privacy statement. There are many of the unique choices that are explained at the time you sign up to use a service for your site. You might be provided with suitable instructions and prompts with the experiences as you navigate our services. Here are some of the services you get:

The typical choice is related to the personal information that we collect.

  • Choices that are related to the use of personal data.
  • Choices made for the account corrections.
  • Choices related to the cookies.
  • Selections related to the registration and account information.
  • Selections related to communication, notices, alerts, and updates. 

How do we do to protect your data? 

We maintain the technical, physical, and admin security measures that are designed to provide reasonable protection for the personal data against the loss, misuse, disclosure, and alteration. Remember, the security measures include firewalls, data encryption, physical access, and information access authorization controls. 

Can children get access to your website?

The sites and services are not directed to children under the age of 13 years. We do not collect the information that includes the personal data from the children or the other individuals who are not able to use the sites and services.

 What are the changes done to the privacy statement? 

We may revise the privacy statement from time to time that reflects the changes made to the business and the sites or services along with applicable laws. The revised privacy statement will be effective as the published effective date.

How to Contact us? 

You can contact us if you have general queries related to the Privacy Statement and practices or the questions about your account information or personal data. You can contact us about the Pay pal and its account on the page.

Additional information 

The information that is provided in this section may be specific to the customers depending upon the region or how to use the services. This information is provided on PayPal from the third parties with whom you wish to interact while using the services.

Information related to Google Re-Captcha

All PayPal uses the re-captcha on the sites and services. The use of Re-captcha is subject to the Google Privacy policy along with terms of use. It is important to understand the re-captcha is only limited to fight spam and abuse happens on

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